The Kewanee Park District will be placing the following Referendum Question on the April 7, 2015 Ballot:
“Shall the Kewanee Park District, Henry County, Illinois, develop and improve existing parks and facilities of the District, and issue its bonds in an amount not to exceed $1,450,000 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof?”

The Kewanee Park District is proposing a major renovation to Northeast Park to help ensure past, present and future generations will have a facility to be proud of. Below are some pictures and facts regarding the proposed renovations.

A few pictures of the progress being made at Northeast Park.

IMG_2613 (2)

Skatepark equipment

Northeast Parking Lot 2


Future Parking Lot & Soccer Fields

This picture is an overview of the biggest area of development to Northeast.
*  There will be a new 100 spot asphalt parking lot located in the north west corner of the park across from Pizza Hut Field.  The entrance and exit to this new parking lot will be along Highway 78.
*There will also be ornamental fencing installed the entire length of Northeast Park along Highway 78.
*From the parking lot there will be a walkway to Pizza Hut Field and access to many new amenities to be offered.
*This overview also shows the availability of space to house a regulation size competitive soccer field, 2 B-League size fields and 2 A-League size fields. This will allow for the current soccer fields to be moved off of the baseball diamonds.
*The entire area pictured above will be re-graded and proper drainage will be installed to help eliminate standing water.



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