About the Kewanee Park District

Renovations at Northeast Park are reaching the final stages. Thank you to all for your patience during this process.

MISSION STATEMENT…. The Kewanee Park District exists to provide care for public lands and opportunities for personal growth. We work with citizens of Kewanee to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities to renew, restore and recreate, balancing often stressful lifestyles. It is our overall intent to encourage the participation of individuals and families to develop the highest possible level of physical and mental well-being.  It is our belief that well-balanced, healthy people contribute to a productive and healthy community.


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Congratulations to the 2016 Child’s Best Friend Award winners – Mr. Joe Nosal and Mr. Chuck Kuntz/Great Dane. Thank you for your support and dedication to enriching the lives of all children.

Joe Nosal    Great dane


Kewanee Women's Club

Thank you to the Kewanee Women’s Club for their
generous donation to the Kewanee Park District! Your
continued support of Park District programs is greatly


Thank you to the Izaak Walton League of America, Richard Gibson and Rod Johnson for their generous donation to the Kewanee Park District. We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you put in to the Hunter Safety Courses each year. 

Board of Commissioners:
Jim Heberer:President              jim@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Jim Powell:Vice-President       jpowell@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Jacque Verscha                             jacque@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Al Salisbury                                   al@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Mike Nichols                                 mike@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Brian Johnson: Director          brian@kewaneeparkdistrict.org
Michelle Anderson: Sec/Treas. michelle@kewaneeparkdistrict.org                                                                                                   
——————————————————————————————————————————————– “the right of children to play, to sing and to dance; the right of youth to sport for sports’ sake; the right of men and women to use leisure in the pursuit of happiness in their own way, are basic to our American heritage.” – Harry S. Truman


21 Responses to About the Kewanee Park District

  1. John Blake says:

    I am interested in coaching a tball team this coming season. My son will be playing this year. Thanks.

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Thank you for volunteering your time to help your son and the youth of the community. Please make sure when signing your son up, you check the line that says you are willing to coach a team. I will also place you on the list I have here in the office. Again, thank you for your support of Kewanee Park District Programs.
      Thank you,
      Michelle Anderson

  2. Isaiah Peoples says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the park district has any summer jobs available for teens. I am 18 years old and I need a job. When I lived in Galesburg the Park District there had jobs for teens cleaning and managing the city parks. Do you know of any jobs like that offered by the Park District.

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. The Kewanee Park District is always taking applications for all areas of the parks including: groundskeeping/maintenance, lifeguard and cook/waiter for the restaurant. Applications are available at the Kewanee Park District Office, 1117 Cambridge Rd., Monday-Friday 8am-4pm if you would like to come in and fill one out. Thank you again.

  3. Doreen Ritt says:

    We have signed up Michael Mousette for the summer baseball league, but have received no information at this point regarding scheduling (both games and practices) and what equipment he needs to have with him (glove, bat, shoes, etc.). Could you please let us know, so we can be sure he is ready when the season starts.


    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Drafts for baseball teams are being held tonight and tomorrow night – May 11th and May 12th. You will hear information from a coach by the end of the week. The only thing he will need before the season starts are tennis shoes and a baseball glove. The Park District provides bats, helmets and balls and players will receive a t-shirt and hat from the team sponsor. If you do not receive a call by the end of the week, please let us know. Thank you for the inquiry.

  4. John DeLathouwer says:

    I would like to thank Ron Oldeen and the park district for the annual fishing derby at windmont park. I can remember riding my bike to fish every day in the summer. It’s a shame that some adults are so greedy they feel they need to catch as many catfish as they can. I no longer fish at windmont but I do take my 13 year old son. It’s for the kids to have the experience of catching fish. Adults stop the greed, let the kids catch the fish. Thank you John DeLathouwer

  5. David Nahs says:

    Message for Brian Johnson –
    Brian – there will be a group of eight (8) Peoria Sandtrappers showing up around 8:00 a.m. tomorrow – Monday, August 10th.
    Looking forward to meeting you and playing Baker Park.

    Thank you!

  6. Rich Simmon says:

    Can we stay overnight in parking area for Mont…Gentry concert. …we have a 40ft.motorhome….

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Unfortunately we are not equipped to allow for overnight guests to stay in our parks. There are a couple of different options in the area though to be able to stay. Francis Park has a camping area and information regarding that park can be obtained by calling Kewanee City Hall at 309-852-2611. The other option is Johnson Sauk Trail State Park and information regarding camping at this facility can be obtained by calling 309-853-5589.

  7. Tom Mosenfelder says:

    THANK YOU! To Brian and Stephanie Johnson and the entire staff at Baker Park for making our golfing week end so much fun. Service, smiles and greetings are the norm at Baker. Our group of 24 loves coming here and appreciates the wonderful service. The tournament is so well run, it is not surprising that golfers come from all over to join in.
    See you all again next year. Tom, Debbie, Dick, Geri, Renee, Jerry, and all of our other friends who participate.

  8. Courtney Bryner says:

    I wasn’t really sure what league i am in this year I’m 14 so not quite sure on it, and Im not sure what size my softball would be?

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Thank you for checking. This season you will be in Pony League and will use a 12 inch softball. Last year the Pony League girls had to do some traveling due to low registrations so hopefully this year enough girls sign up to have a league that is able to stay in town. The 1st walk in registration will be on Saturday March 12 from 11am-1pm. Registration forms will be going out to the schools next week so you should be getting one soon. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

      Thank you,

  9. Lorrie Lamb says:

    I have a plaque for Bob Westlund from the park district and was wondering if you were interested in having it or you do you already have one?

    Please let me know

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Lorrie, Guess I don’t know what the plaque is for?? Please call me when you have a chance. 309 852-2872. Thank you.

      Brian Johnson

  10. Latara Martinez says:

    Will there be any fall soccer this year? I have 8 year old twin boys that want to play and a 4 year old girl who wants to also.

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      Unfortunately there will not be fall soccer this year. With the construction in progress we do not have enough flat space to be able to accommodate all of our players. We will re-evaluate for the spring session. Thank you

  11. I would like to say thank you to so many wonderful leaders, guests, and volunteers that came to Windmont Park for the Kewanee Park District Summer Day Camp programs held this summer. Sandy Thomas, Kyria Eastman, Jenni Eastman, Jessie Smith, Officers Pence, Kingdon, and Underwood from the Kewanee Police Department, Rae Ann Tucker, the Kewanee Fire Department, Darcy Eggimann, Mary Jo and Dick Rouse, Cheryl Geitner, and the staff at the Oasis Pool and parks, including Michelle Anderson and Brian Johnson. Also to Bob Plum from Happy Joes and Shelli Sauer from Dura Bowl. I could not run these camps without all of you. We are a team and that’s what makes this work. The best part of camp is the awesome kids and the fun we have in the summertime. I hope to see all of you next year. Thanks again. You rock!

    Sharon DeSmit
    Camp Director

    • I would also like to thank the Jerry Nell Fund for making it possible for a couple campers to participate in the Kewanee Park District Day Camp this summer. You put a big smile on their face and they made some new friends too!

  12. jess says:

    How do I get a hold of someone at the Baker Park Shooting Range? My son was there Saturday for a FFA contest and left his fleece and I’m just trying to get it back.

    • Kewanee Park District says:

      I have contacted our maintenance department regarding your son’s fleece and have also been in contact with the meet’s host. I have not heard back from either of them but will let you know as soon as I do. I hope we are able to locate it for you.
      Thank you.

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