Jerry Nell Memorial Fund

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The Jerry Nell Fund: Making Sure That All Kids Get To Participate

What is the Jerry Nell Memorial Youth Fund?
Jerry Nell’s goal was to see to it that children who can’t afford to participate in park programs or use park facilities are quietly helped to do so. Whether it’s softball, baseball or soccer, money is available to help a child from a family with a tight budget or a large number of eager, active children.

You must complete an application for each child you are requesting help for and an application for each activity they will be participating in. Applications can be picked up and turned in at the Kewanee Park District Office, 1095 Cambridge Rd., Kewanee, IL 61443.  Make sure you have proof of your household income or your medical card when filling out the application.  Once it is determined your child qualifies to receive assistance, the Jerry Nell Memorial Fund will pay 1/2 of the activity fee, up to $100 per year.

1 Child for baseball is $45.00: Jerry Nell Fund will pay $20.00, your portion will be $25.00
3 or more children for baseball is $80.00: Jerry Nell Fund will pay $40, your portion will be $40.00

The same pattern is followed for softball and soccer as well.

**For those who may have benefited from a program such as this or those who enjoy giving to area children, you may contribute to the fund by contacting the Kewanee Park District Office at 309-852-2872.

Remember, the benefits of parks and recreation are endless. Come out and play today!

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