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Soccer Field Map


Notes: 1. Coaches will contact parents.2. Practices will begin differently depending on coaches availability.3. League Ages: A league 5-6; B league 7-9; C league 10-12. NEW D League 13-15! 4. Clinic date and time will be determined. This age will not have any practices and shirts will be given out on the first clinic!

The Kewanee Park District offers the youth of Kewanee the opportunity to participate in Summer Soccer.  Ages for soccer sessions range from 4 years old to 15 years old.  Just like the summer baseball/softball program, the summer soccer teams are coached by volunteers.  However, unlike baseball/softball there are no area sponsors for teams at this time.  There are 4 soccer fields located at Northeast Park.  A- League Soccer includes 5-6 year olds, B- League Soccer includes 7-9 year olds, C- League Soccer includes 10-12 year olds. Our new D League is for kids 13 to 15 years old!

All Kewanee Park District Soccer teams are co-ed. Each participant is required to wear gym shoes or soccer cleats and shin guards.

Jerry Nell Memorial Fund Assistance is available to any child in need. See the Jerry Nell Memorial Fund page for more information.

Game Dates
Games are held on Saturday mornings and/or Wednesday Evenings.
**Dates are subject to change**

Game Cancellations
Decisions to cancel games are for the safety and well-being of your child. The Kewanee Park District Soccer Director has been authorized to make the decision of cancelling games. Cancellations may occur for a variety of reasons. Should a game be cancelled the Soccer Director will contact the coaches who are then informed to contact their team members. 

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